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Whether Muslim Why protect the precepts? | Mima examine that to be ... In the Swiss media, the Muslim woman is discriminatory handled, is being established the image that has been suppressed. However, in practice how far it is in the act in line with Islam, somewhere from that regional traditions act? Four of the theme to the axis about this question, spoke to Swiss woman who converted to Islam. If the issue of Islam and the status of women in Switzerland are treated, that the climb on the agenda almost always, scarf wearing, gender equality, polygamy, but female genital mutilation. In these themes, of cultural values ​​and foreign tradition of Switzerland difference collide violently. But a matter of fact, Muslim area of ​​culture, tradition, as another politics, whether women are receiving any treatment in the Islamic scriptures Koran? Swiss culture and both sides of the Islam talked to Swiss women of the people to know. Barbara Vel Gigi's, Natalia Dar Vittorio Ji-san, Mr. Norairri was converted to Islam. Irri's has served as an advisor with respect to women's equality issues to Muslim organizations in Switzerland Muslim Central Committee other site.

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